Monday, December 22, 2008

To Cradle or Not?

Have any of you used a cradle for your baby? We have a bit of a dilemma: apparently I have a cradle that was handmade by my grandfather for me as a baby, and Mike has one that was handmade by his dad for him. Of course they were both offered to us this weekend. I haven't seen Mike's, so I don't even know what it looks like. I do like mine. Even so, I don't even know if I picture myself using a cradle? I'm wondering if I should just tell both sets of grandparents to set them up in their houses and we can use them whenever we come over. How else am I supposed to pick? My parents would totally be cool with that, but I get the feeling Mike's might be a little hurt. But I also don't want a country-cradle that I might not even use... thoughts? :)


Erik Burckart said...

Personally, we advocate getting them into their crib asap, both of our kids were in their cribs by 2 weeks. For us it provided us better nights of sleep and both kids slept over 8 hours by 1 month old.

The Wellingtons said...

wow... 8 hours by 1 month old. I think I'll be coming to you & Heather for parenting tips! That's awesome!