Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rough Few Days...

So somehow I caught a nasty cold/cough a few days ago and it's no fun! I left work early on Friday and have been trying to lay low all weekend. I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to take any medicine during the first trimester (I'm at about 8 weeks) so relief has been hard to come by. Anyone have any suggestions?

We did go get a humidifier yesterday and used that last night. I guess that may have helped as now I can at least feel some stuff starting to break up in my chest. But I'm even getting blood when I blow my nose. Am I okay? I got "morning sick" for the first time yesterday... but surprisingly had a big appetite right afterwards! Who eats creamy corn chowder and Taco Bell after losing their breakfast? Apparently me! Weird... Anyway, I'm not feeling much better today yet, and I'm just hoping I'll be well enough to go to work tomorrow. No one there knows I'm pregnant yet, so it's harder to explain why I need to stay home for just a cold. Pray for us! Mike's been doing a good job of taking care of me, but I'm afraid he may be catching what I've got this morning. At least we can drug him up! :)

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Elizabeth said...

Congrats Melissa! (on being pregnant, not being sick :). I got a fever and cold during my first trimester and my mom told me to get some garlic capsils from the whole foods store (they have odorless, tasteless ones that doesn't make your breath smell like garlic :). I took two in the morning and two at night for two days and felt better.

I've had frequent, minor nose bleeds too - they say they (along with a bit of stuffiness) is common during pregnancy since the increase of blood flow somehow taxes the veins in your nose and causes them to leak easier - Especially during the winter months. I read in a couple pregnancy books that vitamin C helps strengthen the nose veins - as long as you don't take too much :). I have a food based supplement called "Barley Green" that is high in alot of good stuff and taking that (along with eating more oranges, ect..) has helped with the stuffiness and nose bleeds.

Hope you feel better soon!