Thursday, December 18, 2008

An eventful day...

I had some unusual bleeding this morning, and though it wasn't a lot, I was still concerned. I called my doctor and they said I should come in. So... I did. And boy was it worth the peace of mind! Baby Wellington is doing great. I got another ultrasound which was so amazing to see little hands, feet and most importantly, that heart beating strong. The baby was rather active and moving around quite a bit, so it took the Ultrasound tech a few minutes to find a clear picture of the heartbeat. (So as I sat there, not seeing the screen and trying to read her perfectly straight poker face... I tried hard not to freak out and assume the worst). Finally, she said "Okay, here we go..." and turned the screen toward me. And there was our little one, arms & legs moving around and heart beating strong! Whew!

So it turns out that right now, the placenta is just positioned very close to my cervix and they'll just want to watch it to make sure I don't keep bleeding. I go in for a follow up on Christmas Eve, and then again for my normal 12 week on the 30th. The baby is measuring 9 weeks, 2 days... so as I thought, I'm more likely due closer to the 22nd of July (instead of the 15th).

Anyway... I've gotta run, but just thought I'd update everyone! I'll post more later... and hopefully scan in the ultrasound picture too...


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