Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just because

I had a request to update this blog...so I thought I'd give it a whirl. We got the first call on our house yesterday. An engaged couple who has been looking in our area and saw our ad on Craigslist and loved it. They want to see it this weekend, so hopefully they'll call back and actually come. So this week we're just trying to clean and straighten up (AGAIN!). Cleaning is so short-lived. I hate how it can look great for like a day, and then you live there, and in a week, everything you worked so hard on last week needs to be done all over again! Sigh. Such is life.

I must say, I have mixed emotions about someone coming to see our house. While the possibility of actually selling it and getting one step closer toward the direction we feel God is leading us in is definitely exciting, I'm also sad for multiple reasons.
  1. This was my first place on my own and I put my heart and soul into making it just what I wanted.
  2. Then, it's Mike & I's first place together. We've spent our entire marriage so far here.
  3. I still just really like it.
  4. With Baby W.'s arrival quickly approaching, I've envisioned spending the days with him here... and not knowing where we'd be otherwise is kinda tough.
  5. I hate the idea of having bought when the market peaked and then selling when it's bottoming out... but, it's all about being available to go where God leads.
  6. Being less committed to staying in this area is bittersweet. I hate the idea of leaving family right when our family is growing.
So... with all that said, will you still just pray that this couple will actually come see the house (or someone else) and that we'll be able to sell it soon. Surrender. I don't see what's on the other side yet, but I know I need to keep walking toward it.