Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Something New...

So I created a new blog. I'm not sure what that means for this one... but I decided to start fresh with one I would share with my family (who I'd never told about this one). I've been pretty free to vent on this one about my job, or doctor issues or my dog eating condoms or whatever... so I never shared this site with family who may have more opinions about that than I want to hear! But anyway... so I don't know exactly what I'm doing yet, but you can check both for now if you'd like...or neither :) Here's the new site:

And yes, it was all inspired by the cute baby-bum picture I posted about cloth diapering! :)


Monday, February 16, 2009

New Mom Help: Post 3: Diapering

Well...once again, I'm starting to wonder if anyone reads this thing... but I'll try yet another post. So, on this one, I don't know of any of you who may be able to help...but maybe you know more than I think! :) (all I mean is I've never heard any of you talk about using cloth diapers) We are seriously considering trying out cloth diapering...for multiple reasons: economic, easier on baby skin, good for the environment... but there's a lot to consider. I've found lots of info online, so really, I'm just curious if any of you have given it a try! And if so, what did you like/dislike? (Besides the obvious of having to launder poopy diapers).

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Office...

A LONG time ago, Marie did a post asking everyone where they blog from... and since I (shame, shame) usually blog from my work office when I need a distraction from all the stress... I never have a camera here! But this morning I brought it in to copy some pictures so I thought I'd finally respond to Marie's request!

See all this chaos on my desk - yeah, I like order, that drives me CRAZY...but this week has been nuts and I couldn't seem to clear I thought I'd just take a "real" picture! (And then there's some of how I prefer it... nice and neat!

18 weeks

So when I look down, I wonder if the baby has really grown any in the last couple of weeks... but when I saw this picture, I realized I guess we both have! :) Gotta love how this straight shirt makes it look like there's no distinction between my boobs & belly... hmm...maybe I need to wear ones with more shape :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feeling good!

I guess Mike said it best..."I feel like I finally have my wife back!" :) I think I'm finally past all the nausea/vomiting and can start enjoying life again...without medicine! It's amazing the difference I feel in just the last few days. I think after 4 months of not eating much, my stomach did shrink... so while my appetite is definitely back, I still can't seem to eat much at a time... I quickly get lightheaded and hungry again...but the good news is I can eat and it stays down!!! Yay!!!

And...for all of you who aren't stuck inside an office somewhere... I hope you're enjoying this beautiful weather! I can't wait for spring!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Why me?

I can just feel the tension running through my body... and I desperately need to de-stress. Where is Rita, my amazing co-worker, when I need her? She would just let me come sit on the couch in her office, shut the door, turn on the spa music and give me an amazing back massage! But she's where she needs to be.. home taking care of her baby. I have had one horrible morning. I'll save the details, but let's just say I have had the worst experience with my OB/GYN practice. I am actually stunned/shocked/appalled at how unprofessional, uncaring and ridiculous they have been. And those I've given the long-story completely agree. I am in a crappy situation where I am basically stuck where I am until I can transfer onto Mike's insurance April 1st and finally switch doctors. I'll be 25 weeks on April 1st, but after today, I will just go to my 20 week appointment (you know, my ultrasound to find out what we're having..which I SHOULD be super-excited about, but I now dread because it means I have to go back to the very practice which has caused me such turmoil.) but then that's it. It won't be the end of the world to just go to my 24 week appointment about 2 weeks late. It's just not worth it to stay where I am.

(Deep breath). This pregnancy has definitely not been what I expected. Thankfully, as of yesterday, I think I am starting to be back to myself... the nausea/vomiting seems to be gone! I just pray that this little one is doing okay. I know I've been under a lot more stress than I should be, first from work, and then from worrying about how sick I've been, and now from dealing with a bad doctor. I did briefly hear the heartbeat today. It's not much to go on, but I'm clinging to that little reassurance that everything is good. I sure don't get any other reassurance or confidence from my doctors. Apparently today, I was lucky to get more than 2 minutes with the doctor (who knew?) But, again on a positive note, I finally GAINED weight!!! I'm still just under my pre-pregnancy weight, but only by one pound!

Can you imagine having a doctor you just met for the first time tell you that "I could tell after two minutes of being in here that you are wound tighter than most patients."?? And when I asked why she would say that, she responded with "because of the fact that I'm still here. (5 minutes into the appt.) Most OB appointments, I'm just in and out." Yeah, that's just the beginning. It's been quite an emotional day. Rarely have I felt genuinely mistreated, but today I was. Saturday, on the phone with one of the midwives, I was. And at several of my appointments, I have been. It's really disheartening... I've never cried so much over doctors!

So... I actually found myself happy to sit in my last work meeting... a meeting where I found out that everything I had told my supervisor was in fact true and that the project I had busted my butt on for weeks was a complete waste of time and I would now have to go back and rebuild what I was told to take apart. But I was happy to think about that because for an entire hour and a half, it took my mind off of my doctor situation. Yes, today, the situation with my doctors actually trumped my job in terms of stressfulness... it takes a lot to do that!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Mom Help: Post #3

Well, I got in a shopping mood this week... so I decided to go online and add lots of stuff to our registry. It's always fun to shop without spending any money! There are still some of the major things that we haven't decided on, but it was nice to at least get a few things out of the way.

So.. that brings me to this week's category:


Why in the world do there have to be soooo many options?? I guess BPA Free is pretty much a given. But then what? Do you just have to try them and see what works best? I'm planning to hopefully nurse for at least the first 6 months... so are there special bottles to use with a baby who is used to the real-deal? Fill me in. :)