Monday, February 16, 2009

New Mom Help: Post 3: Diapering

Well...once again, I'm starting to wonder if anyone reads this thing... but I'll try yet another post. So, on this one, I don't know of any of you who may be able to help...but maybe you know more than I think! :) (all I mean is I've never heard any of you talk about using cloth diapers) We are seriously considering trying out cloth diapering...for multiple reasons: economic, easier on baby skin, good for the environment... but there's a lot to consider. I've found lots of info online, so really, I'm just curious if any of you have given it a try! And if so, what did you like/dislike? (Besides the obvious of having to launder poopy diapers).


The Esperats said...

I haven't given it a try, though I entertain the idea that I still may with future children. All my friends in our small group use cloth diapers, pretty much exclusively, so I've been a listener in many conversations. I can get tips and website info from them for you, if you need it in the future. They all love it.

Erik Burckart said...

As I see it, there are two reasons people have said to use cloth diapers. 1) they are more eco friendly. 2) they are less expensive.

Most of our friends found that #2 is true but not if you are also looking for convenience. Any more its the cleaning/disposal conveniance. Some used diaper services which, in the end, cost about the same as using disposable diapers. This site talks about how to save with cloth diapers.

As for eco friendly - there are other options that are still disposable..sometimes called hybrid diapers. They often cost a bit more. See Seventh Generation, Tushies, or gDiapers. These often cost up to double a Pampers or Huggies as I have priced them. Consumersearch says Seventh generation are the best of these.

All that said, we are Pampers users. We like the conveniance and the eco-friendly disposables have just now started to get big but are still a bit too expensive. I would move to eco-friendly for a 10% or maybe every a 20% premium, but a 130%, which is what I calculated when also accounting for the fact that buying eco-friendly diapers in bulk can be difficult, premium is just too much.

The Horton's Life said...

You could always practice Elimination Communication - Marie and John taught me about that one. Do you research on it :)?:

Anna Childress said...

Girl, don't even bother. As I recall, a past "tag" about you revealed your least favorite chore is laundry. =) Well, you'd be doing a whole lot more laundry.

But if you do go for cloth, I would wait till baby W. is at least a couple months old. Newborns go ALL THE TIME and your life would be a slave to those diapers. You could also just do part-time cloth, like when just at home. You'd save some and be a little green. I'm just not convinced it really makes that much difference money and eco-wise since you're also using lots of water, energy and washing detergent.

Kiki said...

We use them! And I sometimes read your blog, too! :) Please send me a fb message or something if you have questions, or if you check my blog, you can select posts with tags about cloth and read what I've blogged about them. They definitely save money and are EASY once you give yourself a few days for the switcheroo and routine to kick in!