Thursday, December 27, 2007

Here goes...

first it was myspace, which we both joined reluctantly(now thankfully).... then it was facebook, now a blog... well, if it allows us to keep in touch with friends and share what God is doing in our lives, then we're in!

we will be getting an exciting addition to our family in about a week... not a baby...a puppy! i mean seriously, we just got married 4 months ago! so while most of our friends have rapidly expanding families and we're not quite ready for that, we thought we'd at least join in the potty training and toys and needing sitters to go out!

shelby is her name and she's currently 6 weeks old and almost ready to leave her dog-mom and join our family! she is an adorable little papillon who will only grow to be around 10 lbs which is perfect for condo-life! she already has quite a few aunt & uncles, cousins & grandparents who are excited to meet her!

i used to have opinions about "crazy dog people" and will try hard not to become one of them, but i'm sure you'll get updates from time to time... at least until the focus shifts to a "real baby" one day!

well... happy reading!