Monday, March 31, 2008

Something New

Sometimes change is difficult, and knowing which decision to make is tough... but this time it's been so easy. Mike and I felt the Lord releasing us from the church we've been at for about a year and a half to search out a better fit for us. The first new church we visited, we both felt really clearly was a no. Then we went to the next one. We loved the worship service, were really blessed and challenged by the teaching, and we met a couple who invited us to their small group. We decided to go ahead and check that out too, and we absolutely know that God has led us here! It's such a great fit, and in the few short weeks that we've gotten involved, we have found new friends and soaked up the fellowship and great Bible study together. God is good.

There was some hesitation to uproot ourselves right now when we know that within the next year, maybe even 6 months, we will almost surely be moving again. But no matter how short this season may be, we are so encouraged to have such clear direction from the Lord, and to be able to connect and grow with a local church. As it turns out, almost everyone in our small group is in a time of transition right now! Community Church of Chesapeake is where we're at, if anyone is curious! :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun in Raleigh...

Mr. & Mrs. Ehresman

Michael, Lex, April, Hope (+ baby#3), Elizabeth, Luke, me, Mike
What a great weekend. We drove down to Raleigh on Saturday to witness Elizabeth (one of my LIFT girls) and Luke's wedding. We also got to spend Easter with Suzanne & Aaron, so it was just a wonderful 2 days with great friends. It's hard to believe it has been 6 years since I was hiking in the snow with those girls. We have really only gotten together at weddings (this made #6) but whenever I spend time with any of them, I walk away encouraged and challenged and reminded of the greatness and creativity of our Lord. I love that we are all so different, personality and background-wise, and that is exactly what becomes such a great blessing when we are together. I agree with the guys... we really should make a point to have a weekend retreat together sometime this year.
We got to worship with Suzanne & Aaron on Easter Sunday and then we made a delicious Easter dinner together. All my favorites! The ham was so yummy, Mike & I stopped by the store on the way home to get one ourselves so we could have leftover ham sandwiches this week!
We really enjoyed driving around parts of the Raleigh-area again. We would love to end up there if a job opens up for Mike. We'll see... But for now, it's back to work in Virginia Beach... yipee!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Living in a zoo...

We are dogsitting my parents' two papillons this week... and it's an adventure to say the least! Cody, Gabe & Shelby are pretty adorable all together.
Shelby and Gabe LOVE to play - they chase each other around and around the coffeetable and Cody loves to run with them in the big backyard. They are FAST!! It actually makes life so much easier having them entertain our very active puppy! We get to just sit back and watch and laugh. We've realized we need 2 things... a big fenced in yard and another dog! But neither of those two are quite feasible just yet. Oh well... at least they are a fun stress-reliever, and between both jobs, I need that this week!

Look at Shelby's crazy huge ears! They actually look bigger in the picture than usual... but she's still got some growing to do to fit into them!