Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Living in a zoo...

We are dogsitting my parents' two papillons this week... and it's an adventure to say the least! Cody, Gabe & Shelby are pretty adorable all together.
Shelby and Gabe LOVE to play - they chase each other around and around the coffeetable and Cody loves to run with them in the big backyard. They are FAST!! It actually makes life so much easier having them entertain our very active puppy! We get to just sit back and watch and laugh. We've realized we need 2 things... a big fenced in yard and another dog! But neither of those two are quite feasible just yet. Oh well... at least they are a fun stress-reliever, and between both jobs, I need that this week!

Look at Shelby's crazy huge ears! They actually look bigger in the picture than usual... but she's still got some growing to do to fit into them!

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