Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun in Raleigh...

Mr. & Mrs. Ehresman

Michael, Lex, April, Hope (+ baby#3), Elizabeth, Luke, me, Mike
What a great weekend. We drove down to Raleigh on Saturday to witness Elizabeth (one of my LIFT girls) and Luke's wedding. We also got to spend Easter with Suzanne & Aaron, so it was just a wonderful 2 days with great friends. It's hard to believe it has been 6 years since I was hiking in the snow with those girls. We have really only gotten together at weddings (this made #6) but whenever I spend time with any of them, I walk away encouraged and challenged and reminded of the greatness and creativity of our Lord. I love that we are all so different, personality and background-wise, and that is exactly what becomes such a great blessing when we are together. I agree with the guys... we really should make a point to have a weekend retreat together sometime this year.
We got to worship with Suzanne & Aaron on Easter Sunday and then we made a delicious Easter dinner together. All my favorites! The ham was so yummy, Mike & I stopped by the store on the way home to get one ourselves so we could have leftover ham sandwiches this week!
We really enjoyed driving around parts of the Raleigh-area again. We would love to end up there if a job opens up for Mike. We'll see... But for now, it's back to work in Virginia Beach... yipee!

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