Tuesday, December 9, 2008

And I thought I was tired last week?! That was nothing! For the past 5 days, my nights have consisted of dry, painful coughing attacks that last from about 10pm to 4am. I've basically gotten no sleep during those hours, because as soon as I get comfortable, I start hacking away. Somehow by about 4am, I think my body gives up and I'm able to get a little shut-eye... but I'm basically running on about 3 hours sleep every night. It'd be one thing if I could just bum around the next morning, but trying to get up and function at work is a challenge to say the least. So I've been trying to take all the tips I can... but so far, I'm not getting any better.

Solution #1: Humidifier: We got this super-cute elephant humidifier at Target this weekend... it actually had better reviews than all the non-cute ones and what the heck, it's our first baby purchase. Well... no complaints, but no improvement in my symptoms yet either.

Solution #2: Neti Pot: I had never heard of such a crazy contraption, but after several people recommended it, I figured it was worth a shot. Well... besides feeling like I was drowning, ending up with a bit of an earache, and feeling like there is still water sloshing around in my head somewhere, I didn't get much from this. I may give it one more try... maybe I just don't have the technique down yet... but so far, this did nothing for me.

Solution #3: Hot Tea: My gracious co-worker fixed me a cup of hot tea this morning, and so far, this one is the winner. Granted, my coughing attacks are mostly during the night when I'm laying down, but at least it's soothing on my throat this morning.
Solution # 4: Recliner: Apparently I need a recliner. I think if I could sleep standing straight up, I'd be great. But we have no recliner, and I don't think the latter will work... so I'm at a loss. I hate to complain, but I'm just feeling pretty terrible right now and would welcome any relief. On a good note, my nausea has taken a back seat to the cold. Still there, but not quite as intense. :)


The Esperats said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling so crummy! Sleeping using one of those husband pillows helps me a lot when I have a head cold. My midwife said if I was desperate that cold meds with the ingrediants guiafeusin and/or pseudoephedrine were the recommended ones if you're pregnant. Water, water, water, water... Ever since I was pregnant with Robertson, I've increased my water intake by 10, and that seems to help for energy level and fighting off colds. Though, now that I think about it, it wasn't until after I was through with most of the throwing up that i began to drink so much. At that time water wouldn't even stay down. As for the sleep, I just kept thinking, "I guess this will prepare me for less sleep once the baby comes." Hope you feel better soon! Wish I had some more helpful ideas. Praying God encourages you.

Anna Childress said...

hot water with honey and lemon in it. I had a terrible cough/cold a couple months ago, and being sick is just about 1000 times worse when pregnant. Do cough drops help?

Erik Burckart said...

We have that humidifier, we named it Fred. Its in Madelyn's room.