Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So I'm starting to wonder if no one likes my blog. I know I don't have any adorable babies to post pictures of... but do I have any friends who read this? Cause no one has left me a comment in over a month! Hmmm.... just wondering!


Esperat said...

i read it! i read it! i'm so excited you two have found a home at ccc! that's so great! you have to tell me more when you get a chance.
robb's still looking for folks for the summer trip from consortium churches, now you're really qualified! haha!

The Horton's Life said...

I read your blog. I promise! As a matter of fact, I check the updates everyday and I don't think you update it enough. So - get to work!

Anna Childress said...

I read it too! Keep 'em coming! Didn't know Mike was looking for a new job??