Monday, April 14, 2008

3rd Time's a Charm

Don't you love when the Lord confirms what He is showing you by bringing it up by several different unrelated means on multiple occasions! I had a conversation a few weeks ago with my friend Hope about the idea of the missional church and the impact it was having in her life. She sent me some reading materials last week and I was really challenged and encouraged by this concept which seemed to put words to the thoughts I have meditated on for years. Well, the very same day, I went to chapel at work (a daily thing that I had missed several days prior). The man who spoke never mentioned the words "missional church" but he shared what he had been learning from this book. And it was like everything he was saying was exactly what I had read from Hope earlier that morning. And then, this weekend, we participated in the missions conference at our church and I heard much of the same themes as one of the missionaries from Belgium shared and challenged us all. I'm excited to engage in this more. I've started reading Jim & Casper Go to Church, and it is very eye-opening. So far, I'd definitely recommend it! What a great reminder that the people who were usually offended by Jesus were the religious leaders, not the sinners. Hmmm...

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