Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just for Suzanne

Well... you say I don't update this thing enough... so I'm signing on to write some more. If only my life were so interesting that it warranted a daily entry! Last night...I worked late. We ate Taco Soup and cornbread (which I'm looking forward to eating again today for lunch!) I closed out a Princess House party which turned out to be a really good one, so that was exciting. We watched American Idol (except that I missed all my favorites because I was on the phone closing out the party!) I think it's past time for Kristy Lee Cook and Ramiele to go. Of all the rest, I'm having a tough time picking a favorite. Probably David Cook. But it's tough.

Then we wrote a new cover letter for Mike and finished tweaking his resume and he sent it off to the first (of hopefully several) jobs he is interested in pursuing! Yikes! So now I guess we need to get back to getting our house ready to rent! It may be a while, but now that his resume is back out there, we want to be prepared whenever he does get a good offer. So that means CLEANING and PAINTING and DE-CLUTTERING! And maybe I should just start by finishing the endless loads of laundry that seemed to pile up worse than usual when I was sick last week. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate laundry?! I think it's #1 on my hated-chores list. The rest aren't so bad... if only I had time! Keeping a house clean is a never-ending battle!

Well, that's my Wednesday morning update. :) Hope you enjoyed it!

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The Horton's Life said...

Good job on the update!