Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Good Dog!

Shelby is starting to become a good little dog! :) We had friends over Friday night, and she was amazing. They fell in love with her, and we were just in shock at how sweet and good she was! Yay! She spent the night with her other grandparents on Saturday night and all day Sunday while we went to Chase City for John's baptism, and had no accidents! Woohoo! She learned from her Golden Retriever uncle Chevy how to chill and lay around. Good stuff! I tried to take some pictures of her but realized the batteries in my camera need to charge... Anyway, she still requires constant supervision when we're at home, but she got all kinds of brownie points with me this weekend and I began to see the hope that she will mellow out of the crazy puppy stage and we'll be glad we have her! :)

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