Monday, January 19, 2009

January goes to the dogs.

Well, so far 2009 has been full of dogsitting for us! We've had Shelby's best 4-legged friend (Roxy) over for two weekends, then we spent a week at my parents' house with their 2 papillons (Cody & Gabe) and later this week, we're headed to Mike's parents' house to take care of their golden retriever (Chevy)! Meanwhile, everyone else is taking fun trips to Atlantic City, Williamsburg, Cozumel and Breckenridge, Colorado! How did we get this end of the deal? :)

Well, Shelby has had a blast. She and Roxy can just run and play for hours - and it's so nice to have someone else to entertain her other than us! And in some ways, staying at my parents' house just feels like a retreat. If I hadn't been doubly-sick all this past week, it would have been a great get-away. But we still had a good time. Here are a few pics of Shelby having fun, plus our Care Group playing Wii, a shot of the view from my parents' backyard and one of my good-lookin' hubby.

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