Thursday, January 15, 2009

14 week update

I got a few days of relief... even managed to eat a good meal at Cheesecake Factory & go see Bridewars with Mike last weekend... and then I started going downhill again. This week has been by far the worst yet as far as getting sick and feeling bad. Sigh. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and had lost more weight. So she prescribed me several things to hopefully help. To start off with, I have new prenatals with B6 and this Transderm Scop patch to wear behind my ear that is for nausea. If I end up needing more, I can take Phenergan and/or Zantac for indigestion that could be causing additional nausea.

I'm trying to just stick to the first two for now... although my doctor assured me they wouldn't over-medicate us, I'd rather just do the minimal and see how that works. And now on top of all that, I've come down with some sort of sinus infection/mild fever. Good grief. I've always been so healthy... I guess my body is just making up for lost time. I feel like I could use a good week off of work to just rest and get healthy, but that's not looking possible. I've taken a few sick hours this week and am trying to work from home today. Unfortunatly working from home is still working... but we're really busy right now, and I know I can't afford to be gone all week.

On a happy note: When I went to the doctor, she did a quick ultrasound just to check on the baby and the baby looks great! I actually got to see him/her suck her thumb and take a big swallow! It was pretty cool.

So we're hangin' in there. I can't say I've enjoyed pregnancy yet, but I'm definitely excited to be having a baby. And as the doc put it, the baby is doing just fine, it's just me that's miserable. I can deal with that.

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