Monday, August 11, 2008

Harbor Light

Well... we couldn't wait for suggestions... so we just went out on our own and picked a color: Harbor Light. It's great! It's quite a bit lighter than it looks here on the sample, but we like it. And it should work great with our furniture and black & white bedding. So 1 borrowed ladder, 2 gallons of paint and 3 coats later...the room is transformed for just $35! Now we just need the finishing touches!


Anna Childress said...

Is this in your house?

I need help! I told John yesterday I need you to come up and help us how to move into our new house!

The Wellingtons said...

I wish this picture was in my house :) This is the paint sample from Lowes. But that's the color we painted... now I'm just trying to figure out how to pull it all together... accessorizing is the hardest part for me! I'd love to come see your new place and help with ideas! Hmmm... we'll be driving home from Vermont on 9/13 or 9/14... maybe we could pass through... :)

The Wellingtons said...
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