Wednesday, January 9, 2008

no turning back now!

well, so far we have been puppy-parents for 5 days. she is the cutest thing ever. she is also a LOT of work. we've actually been very very happy about how quickly she's getting potty trained, and she seems to even know her name and she definitely knows us already! i don't know if we were prepared for the sleepless nights though! getting up every hour or 2 to take her outside definitely takes a toll on you! but last night we only got up once! yay!!! it IS getting better.

we have decided that in some ways puppies make life even more complicated than babies do. lots of things are the same... except that when you want to go somewhere, if you had a baby, you'd just take her with you. But when you have a puppy - you have to either find a dog-sitter or not go, because you've already had her crated all day while you were at work...and most places aren't exactly dog-friendly. But that's okay... we're learning and we have lots of willing sitters already!

we have both thought, "whew! we're glad we don't have kids yet!" It's tough to go to work and be 100% there when you only got a couple hours sleep every night for the last 4 days... but I've decided it's work... not the babies... that will make life so challenging! Hopefully when that time comes... God will provide a way for me to stay at home...But for now... I better get back to work!

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