Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How'd that happen?

So what's it like to be a mom?
  • Being woken up around 6:00 for potty-duty?
  • Needing to get up even earlier for work so you can play and feed and take the little one to the potty a few times?
  • Spending your lunch break playing and caring for her instead of taking that nap you are so desperate for?
  • Choosing to stay home at night to give the little one some lovin'?
  • Calling a sitter if you do need to go out after work?
  • Waking up every hour in the middle of the night to crying?
  • Cleaning up pee & poo in the middle of the night?
  • Taking a day "off work" to take the little one to see the doc because she's sick?
  • Spending $90 on Dr. bills and medicine instead of something more fun?
  • Being proud of how great she did while sick and waiting 2 1/2 hours at the doc's office?
  • Laughing your head off at something cute she does?
  • Smiling as you are seeing the reward of all your potty-training pay off?

I guess I'm a mom. Thanks Shelby.


Anna Childress said...

Thanks for making a GREAT point on our blog! I never thought of it that true!

You're right on about the mommy stuff, but you left out the birthing part. Now that's some good times. But, if you're birthing a puppy, we have more serious issues to worry about! Love you!

Paula said...

Hi Melissa,
It is great to meet you! Thanks for your encouraging words. We know the Childrei through our time in Germany. How I miss them. Please come visit my blog anytime and feel free to comment and interact with what you read. It is an interesting thing this internet community - it is a fun way to keep up with far away friends. And for this stay at home mommy - it helps me feel like I get out once and awhile!:)

Elsie Hall said...

Yay! You've joined the blogging world. I love reading about Shelby and your puppy parenting!