Thursday, July 10, 2008

Needing Something New

I miss designing. Sadly, my current job neither requires nor allows for much creativity and I am realizing how much I miss that artistic outlet. So using my very limited resources, I felt the urge to do a quick redesign on my blog. What do you think? :)

I love opportunities to be creative, so I jump on them whenever I get the chance. My latest indulgences have been coming up with baby names for whenever that day comes, (yes, I admit it... I have narrowed it down to 5 that Mike likes too... I'm just praying none of my many pregnant friends beat me to them!) planning a baby shower for Suzanne, and hopefully soon, helping my mom pick paint colors, kitchen counters, and furniture for my their new house. (That's the best when I can help spend someone else's money!) :) Sometimes for me, the need to be creative can get expensive, so I'm sure Mike is glad I'm not redecorating any rooms in our house or redesigning my wardrobe!


Jess said...

i like it! you're very artistic! Picking out baby names is fun. i was surprised how much trouble we had deciding/committing when we actually had to! I'd ask what you're five are, but i don't want to steal. :) haha

Anna Childress said...

Hi! I like the new design. When you have kids, you'll have plenty of chances to put that creativity to work! I naturally lack it, so have been praying for it lately to think up fun things to do when it's too hot outside!